Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TV, Fruit, & The Spirit

So, my meeting went great. I really liked both women I met. I hope they liked me. 1 of them worked at VH1 while I was there ages ago. The other women, I have met before in years past. We just couldn't remember where or for what show. Hmmmmm. Very smart lady though. I wanted to pick her brain about our industry all day long but alas, all good things must end. Things have changed alot in syndicated television. Audiences are smaller. And, while I believe women still have the same needs as they did in 300BC basically, they satisfy those needs differently.

The next TV show that will work is just so simple to figure out to me. It's not rocket science to look at the world and the country we live in, assess the moral climate, and figure out what's missing that EVERYONE needs and WANTS. HOPE. GOD. God and hope go hand in hand. Create a TV show that takes controversially in your face spiritual stands and you'd have a hit. Why do you think Christian Televangelists are worth Billions and they have NO problems on Christian TV stations attracting viewers. They just don't have the organizational knowledge and expertise and creativity that the secular network world has. Whatever. I know I'm right. Just remember, I said it first.

Barack Obama understood something very deep about human beings. Something we as people of color learn from day one in church and at home. It's the thing that picks all of us up and makes us strive to achieve something better for ourselves. HOPE. It is the thing that drove Blacks through slavery, oppression, racism, fear, and inequality. It's the thing that made the Jews hold on and survive the Holocaust. Hope. Hope that God hears and that He will help us get through whatever challenge we need to get through be it dating issues, parenting issues, political issues, or fashion and self image issues. We always HOPE that somehow we will meet Mr. Right, achieve those New Years resolutions, figure out what to do in the Middle East, pass the right Healthcare Reform Bill, buy the right shoes to go with the blue dress. Oddly enough, hope is the one thing that is constantly left OUT of the equation when trying to figure out what the essence of a TV show should be. Yet, it's the one thing we all cling to.

I believe deeply that if a show nurtured hope on a daily basis people would tune in just as millions tune in to watch Christian Network Television. Trinity Broadcasting Network has millions more eyeballs than ABC, CBS, and NBC. Millions. Why? Because TBN exists to bring a message of hope to an ailing world. Hope. Hope is God. God is hope. Why be afraid to just get controversial and say it? TMZ doesn't fear controversy and they are on the dark side of the equation. Why are we so afraid to be MORAL? Why are we so afraid to put a show that teaches good old fashioned Christian values on the air? Is it because of what people fear those values are? Is it because of what people fear will happen to them if a light is held up to their own behavior? What would God tell you to do in every situation and challenge? We all call on Him when we need help so why not organize and do it?!

And, yes since nearly 90% of America is Christian why are we SOOO afraid to speak out about being Christian? Why are we sooo afraid that a TV show will fail if it stands firmly on Christian values? We are the majority. Now if only we could be the LOVING majority. That's another conversation. Isn't a majority what networks want? A majority viewership? I had someone tell me that we'd offend muslims, and jews, and other people if we did a show that looked at life and it's issues and challenges through a filter of Christian biblical rules and faith. Well, sorry but since only about 6% of the US is 'other' what the heck would we discard the majority for? And why does anyone have to be offended? Everyone is invited!

I am not saying that other religions don't exist and that they couldn't come on this hypothetical talk show. I am saying that I am a Christian and there's a whole bunch of us in this country who need to grow and watch TV and command ad dollars and since it would be my show I have the last word. I have no problem with someone of another religion having their own show and having the last word on it. Go for it. I will watch you too. I love learning about other viewpoints. I have actually studied MANY other religious philosophies. It's just that the only one to ever really take me THERE...on a supernatural level...was Jesus. And, my friends are straight and gay and black and white and rich and poor and they all consider me a loving kind great example of what a Christian SHOULD be. I don't think ANY of them have ever felt judged or condemned by me.

Ahhh....what a Christian SHOULD be. Now, there's a mouthful. Let's discuss. Let's begin with what a Christian should NOT be and that oughta help clarify my position. A Christian should NOT be judgmental, exclusionary, hypocritical, unkind, insincere, and offensive. He or she should be so peace filled and joy filled and spirit filled that anyone around them wants a piece of what they had for breakfast. The Bible says 'by their fruit you shall know them.' Fruit? Yes. Fruit of the spirit. The fruit of the spirit is found in Galatians 5:22 It's 'love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and self control.' So, I can safely say that alotta people are running around giving us cool Christian's a bad name because their fruit is STANKY.

Ooops, reign it in girlfriend...hold on. Weren't you so mad at Christian's basketball game last night that you could have spit on the coach, cursed out a couple families, and murdered children???? Huh. Me? Yes, you. Hmmmm. Me. Wow.

OK, I gotta admit the fruit of my spirit was a little rotten tonight. Proving that God isn't finished with me yet either. Laugh. Sorry, Lord. This hip girl fell off her tour guide seat for a moment. But, this is my point! Sometimes our fruit is spoiled and not at all representative of the spirit of Christ for which we call ourselves 'Christians.'
"Shot to the heart and your to blame...you give love a bad name" I cannot believe I just quoted Bon Jovi. But, you get the point! We need to perfect our 'love shot.'

Roger, my fiance has a company filled with believers and not by design. His partner is a believer too. They pray together and they remember God first in all that they do. Roger, takes his spiritual journey most seriously always seeking to know God more and serve Him better. Remember, I told you yesterday morning, the Bible says 'seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the rest will be added!' I am convinced that this is the reason his company is hiring employees and getting new projects right and left. They seek God first. In an economy where his competitors are dropping like flies and closing their businesses, he is hiring new people to cover their company workload. He designs and builds billion dollar resort and Casino/Hotel projects from Vegas to Dubai and everywhere in between.

There is barely work for many in his industry, there is barely money to finish projects, but his company has both. He has one of probably 2 or 3 clients with enough liquid cash to build and buy through the economic recession. The others are coming after him now because his name and integrity have gone before him. He can do a billion dollar deal on a handshake. He tells the truth always, cheats NEVER, doesn't drink, swear, or gamble...a plus if you build the biggest casinos in the world...and he honors God in the way he lives. It's no surprise that we recently realized that ALL of his employees happen to be Christian and love the Lord. God's hand of protection is over his company because it is a company that loves and serves Him first.

Anyway, I need to get off my soap box. Until tomorrow...it's your resident hip girl guiding you, and myself, to a deeeper spirituality.

Tip: 2010 is just beginning. Memorize what the fruit of your spirit should be, according to God in Galatians, and work on developing these Godly characteristics. I know I', gonna. They won't hurt even if you're not a believer. How could anyone NOT be a believer?

Later on that one.

Peace out.

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