Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thats What Friends Are For

This is kind of an under used cliche! I mean think about it. I wish I could say more often, "that's what friends are for' because it would mean that someone just did an amazing and wonderful, often times, simple little thing that was really important to you.

Maybe they called you on your stuff, in the hopes that you become the better you that they see. Maybe they made a call on your behalf, because they really believe in what you're trying to do. Or, maybe they simply started following your blog because they love you! Thanks Bradley. You're the first!

All that said, it makes me think of the gift of 'friends.' I try not to take them for granted, although, with kids and school and basketball it's hard to see them all the time.

I spent a great lunch today with my cousin Gerry whose here from London. We went and hugged an old friend, Benny, and shared a hug and some laughter. Benny oogled my engagement ring and I oogled his watch collection. In hindsight, because I remember him from 'back in the day' I am that much happier for his success. We all worked, and still work, hard for ours. So as I reflect on the moment, I ask myself, 'what does God have to say about friends?'

He'd like us to have Godly friends. He'd like us to BE Godly friends. In fact, the Bible says 'bad company corrupts good character' which seems to emphasize the nature of what kind of friends we have...and are.

This actually rang in my head as I drove away from my cousin at the end of our afternoon. Not because he is bad. Not because I am bad. But, we tend to be bad together. Nothing big. But, our conversations are kinda like little kids being naughty. The Holy Spirit brought it to me and immediately I knew why. I kind of walked the edge of using some language I don't use anymore while laughing and reminiscing, about the past. A seemingly fun yet spiritually immature path I must add. :( I heard the words as a sort of reminder to be careful to guide my loved ones UP in our conversations and not help drive us DOWN the bunny hole into a conversation about the very worldly things and behavior I used to indulge my senses in. I adore my cousin and I really want to always do him good and never harm so I took the spiritual admonishment to heart and will be a better spiritual guide the next time. After all, this is The Hip Girls Guide To Spirituality and if we are gonna walk the talk we gotta walk the talk.

But how?

Reminiscing about the antics we all used to indulge in can be sooo fun. It's just sometimes my language changes and my head rolls and the fingers snap and all of a sudden spiritual girl is beginning to resemble...well, whats her name from sex and the city?! Samantha. Ouch. OK, I'm calling myself to the mat for the sake of being an honest witness to all of you of what it means to get 'in the flesh' and out of the spirit.

The Big B says that we should 'walk in the spirit and not in the flesh.' This means more than just being careful not to use foul language though. It means being in constant communion and dialogue with...God. Hard to do when reminiscing about the hot 28 year old train wrecks I dated 100 years ago, or worse, the Australian who made the earth move under my feet. Don't even go with the Carly Simon tune because by the time the sky came tumbling down, tumbling down, I suffered some serious consequences.

Truth be you ever notice that the bad and naughty things we all reminisce about never left us feeling very high on self esteem? Actually I told Gerry today that I honesty left each of my wild child affairs feeling like I had left a piece of me somewhere it wasn't meant to be. And, I never felt very whole or fulfilled in the aftermath!

Thank God for His grace.

In my years learning to surrender, and loving to walk in the spirit more than I do the flesh, I have gathered all the pieces of me from all the places I left them and I now walk in total fulfillment as a whole woman of God. Finally. And, thankfully. I actually wrote in an email to my friend Dinos yesterday the words from an old Helen Reddy song. Remember it?

" Oh yes I am wise but it's wisdom born of pain. Yes I've paid the price but look how much I gained. If I have to, I can do anything. I am strong. I am invincible. I am WOMAN! "

So here's the Spiritual Girl Guide Tip #105:

Everyone uses foul language. Be different. Don't.
The bible says, in Luke 6:45, that out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks! Check your heart condition! 2010 will be that much better if you temper your words with wisdom and love!

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