Wednesday, December 15, 2010

3 Spiritual Keys To Success

Many of us, when confronted by difficulties, struggle to maintain the victory -- of spirit over flesh…faith over fear…and the truth of God -- over the lies of the enemy of our soul. Sound familiar?

Here are three strategies, that I learned while here studying at Without Walls, under Pastor Paula White, in Tampa, Florida. These three keys will bring about daily spiritual renewal and transformation through the power of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit:

#1: Stop Dwelling on Past Failures and Injuries. Failure is a part of life. When you fail, the most important thing is to pick yourself up and choose to move forward. At the same time, recognize that those around you have shortcomings and will fail, and possibly cause you pain, from time to time as well. Don’t get stuck in moments of failure – yours or theirs. Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 7:3: “And why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye, yet pay no attention to the log that is in your own eye”? Ask God to forgive – and help you forgive --what needs to be forgiven, and ask the Holy Spirit to give you insight on how to move forward. KEY: Forgiveness is a spiritual necessity to unlocking your own blessings allowing them to flow freely. Whatever and whomever you are holding in unforgiveness I implore you to stop right now and forgive them, and ask God to forgive them too, in Jesus name. The moment you do you will begin to feel the weight of that past failure or injury lighten allowing you to move freer and more victoriously.

#2: Remain Open to Change. Everything in life changes. Only through learning how to navigate transition will you be able to bend – and not break – when upheaval, loss, and change occurs in your life. Don't be afraid of change. Accept change as good. Ask God to help you “change your mind” about change…read God’s Word to learn how Jesus counseled His followers on the changes it would be necessary to make to achieve their destiny and enter God’s kingdom…and listen for the counsel of the Holy Spirit as you prepare for the new opportunities change will reveal!

#3: Keep an Eye Out for New Opportunities Each Day. God will send you opportunities. Expect them! Be open to new ideas – and don’t get stuck in a preconceived notion of how God is going to answer your prayers, or bring about the accomplishment of the goals and destiny He calls you to pursue. As those new opportunities appear, because of the change in your spirit and/or your environment remember to make the most of each one, as the Bible says. Pay attention to the leading and counsel of the Holy Spirit as you maintain an open and willing mind and seek new opportunities in your life. Remember: God’s objective is for you to be transformed, restored, and perfected into the likeness of Jesus Christ a little bit more each day.

Use these strategies to achieve the daily renewal, transformation, and freedom through Christ and the Holy Spirit that God intends for you. Your best is yet to come!