Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 - Here we go again

OK, my New Years started in church as it has for many years. I love looking at the old year and welcoming the new with God as my hope, my inspiration, and my guide. 2009 gave me alot. But, the challenge we are facing because of my son's basketball dream had me questioning that I had anything good at all to be grateful for. Then as I was on my knees at the altar with my face to the floor I glanced to my right to see my 17 year old son in the same position. His best friend, Jordan, was there with him. It was odd. In a good way. An amazing way. I am still getting used to seeing my son go willingly to the altar for prayer in church. A few moments later as I listened to the noise of worship around me as the shouts went up to bring in the new year God reminded me of the prayer I prayed desperately last new years eve and all year long. I begged God to allow my son to achieve his basketball dream of getting a D1 scholarship and I begged Him to first get him right spiritually. I believed that if my son had the interior faith and strength that comes from a walk with the Lord he could achieve anything and move mountains. Just one year later the vision I had of my son making an altar call had been realized. Oh my God. It hit me. God had done it. He had blessed me to see my vision of my son on his knees at an altar. I was so focused on the things still needed on the checklist that I almost missed the crowning moment of 2009 and the promise of how great the crown will be in 2010. The joy of Happy New Year reached my spirit not a moment to soon or to late. On the edge of letting go of 09 and receiving 10 I got it.
This is how it seems to be for alot of women, and men, today. I speak especially about the girls because we modern women are often standing in so much faith to get through the to-do list of our life that we miss the miraculous victories our faith brings along the way. And, we can't do that. I'd like to notice every miracle this year. And, while there is still a coach and a high school team to be battled on a spiritual level I already know that God heard my prayers and the first major step along the way has been granted. My son, Christian, knows the Lord and isn't embarrassed to go to an altar on his knees in front of strangers and friends and submit himself to God's word, will, and way. Now that should make for a HAPPY new year. What are most 17 year old 6'5" tall, super good looking, high school jocks doing nowadays?!

I have a meeting, a big one, this week, with NBC/Universal. With their head of syndication. I'd like another show. It's what I do. When I work I work on television. I'd like a show that really tackles life and it's challenges and issues by not being afraid to apply the word of God to our daily problems. People are so afraid of God. I don't get it. Everyone calls on Him eventually and He's the most famous person in the world throughout history. Yet, try to do a show that is grounded in Him on any network except a Christian network and you get a fast trip to the door and an insincere 'nice to meet you.' I am who I am. I know that what I believe in works. I don't judge you. Please don't judge me. One of my best friends ever, Bradley, says I am the luckiest girl in the world. I am actually the most blessed girl in the world. But, I think it's because I am not afraid to change for... Jesus. God, that is so cheesy. But, it's true. I realized when I first got saved that I had to change. If you want your life to be better there is some changing, stretching, letting go, that must occur. MUST. Of course, as the years go by you realize you have more to change than you initially even thought. But, one step at a time lest ye be scared!

Anyway, That's kind of what this blog is about. It's a journey. It's a guide. It's a chronicle of all 365 days of 2010 according to wherever God takes us. I invite you to come along with me if you like. If not, it's all good, I will be here without you.

Anyway, I'm excited because I'm sort of a minister slash hip-chick, living in a modern world, embracing an old fashioned faith, in a thoroughly modern faith way.

Are you following me? OK. So, here's your first tip: Luke 12:12 reads: "Now during those days He went out to the mountain to pray; and He spent the night in prayer to God. And, when day came He called His disciples and chose twelve of them."

THE POINT: Jesus spent a whole night in prayer to be certain he picked the right 12 guys to surround himself with on his most important life mission. It would be wise of you to pray and choose wisely the folks you surround yourself with this year. Success is measured and assisted by the people around us. If they water us and feed us with positivity and encouragement we grow. If they drain us and put us down feeding us negative words and negative energy they kill us. Start pruning the garden of your life TODAY! Don't get another step into this new year without carefully choosing the people that you need to be surrounded by and letting go of those you don't. My 17 year old and his buddies call them...haters. Don't want none. Won't be one.

So heres to 2010. Let's do it big. But, Let's do it right!

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  1. I love this! You are a blessed girl Cynthia.


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