Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I asked God today when He was going to fix the thing I've asked about for so long.  I  asked when He was going to give me the gift of my prayer request.  Then I realized something. He owes me nothing.  In actuality, I deserve Hell.  But, He's given me mercy.  Because He LOVES me.  Let's look at reality folks.

He gave us a garden and we invited snakes into it and now it's so infested we cannot live safely in it anymore.  That's the reality of this world, and our lives.  

We want, yet we don't give.  We ask questions, yet we never listen to the answers.  We make excuses for not doing what we are told time after time.  Then we're mad at God because we're unhappy because we essentially chose to be unhappy when we did that thing we knew not to do.  We do that 'thing' over and over and over. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and each time expecting a different result.   That 'thang' your doing WILL eventually make you INSANE!  Crazy!!!  YOUR choices are making YOU crazy, and sometimes they're even making those around you crazy.  Yet you choose that 'thang' you choose to do over God constantly.  And, how's it workin' out for you?!  

Seriously, who would anyone want to be friends with you.  You're a crazy person?  Especially, God.  Why would He choose to help, provide, protect and guide?  Why?

Why would He die for us?  

Why would He live with us?

Because He loves you.
Because He wants you to be happy.
Because making us happy truly makes Him happy.

You can't blame anybody but yourself for you lack of success, your failure, and your messed up day!  You are the result of your choices.  You can choose to sit at God's feet until He gets you right and delivers you from your desire for sin or you can sit down with your sinful choices and be mad at nobody but yourself when those choices make you....CRAZY!

When you know some guys are only about that 'thang' why do you do that 'thang?'  Because you thought this time that 'thang' would be different.  Same action over and over...same result.  Stop thinking and start listening to the word of GOD.  Fornication IS a sin!  DON"T DO IT!  If you sit at His feet long enough He will show you how desperately insecure you are and how your low self esteem and lack of Godly vision is killing you...making you CRAZY!

When you have been told in prayer to do something to achieve the results you want, why do you bring a list of excuses to God about why you cannot do what He told you repeatedly to do?  Your list of excuses is limiting Him from giving you what you keep asking Him for!  You are stopping your own blessing.  That's CRAZY!

Why do you say you believe in God, you have faith in Jesus, yet you live like the rest of the non-believers in the world?  You run around living for yourself without a thought of Him, without any need to submit your life to His authority.  You think you're the man and you're in control yet when the rug gets pulled out from underneath you, and believe me it will, you will look like what you are...CRAZY!

Being down, and angry, and disappointed in God not giving you what you want is CRAZY! 

But, if you read this and feel a little down, angry, and disappointed in yourself, that may be the first sane thing you do today!  

Especially, if it makes you stop the madness, sit at His feet, and refuse to move, until He has spoken to you about how crazy you are and how He wants to fix you.  Then do what He says.  

Constantly doing what God says, is the only time you can do something over and over, and get the result you really want.  

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