Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is Submission To God A Loss Of Freedom?

Many people believe that if they submit their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, they will lose their freedom; they cannot do anything that they want to do in life. A tragic flaw in this reasoning is that a person who is not under the lordship of Jesus is not free. The Bible says that you are in bondage to sin, to the lusts of your own flesh, to the whims of an evil spiritual opponent who wishes you destroyed, and to a world that is alienated from the one who brings true freedom. Or as Bob Dylan put it:

You're gonna have to serve somebody,
Well, it may be the devil or it may the Lord
but you're gonna have to serve somebody.

This myth then precipitates another lie: You can be a disciple of Jesus without a radical submission to Jesus in every area of your life. This desire to have it both ways took on a very seductive heresy a few years ago when we heard about Jesus being our Savior but not our Lord. This is a lie. If He is not Lord, He is not Savior.

Simply put, you cannot serve two masters! In both Matthew and Luke this statement references serving God and money. Jesus says you will inevitably love one and hate the other. The same is true of serving God and Satan. ultimately, one will bring a comfort and devotion and the other will be completely uncomfortable and unwanted. Which will be the one that brings you comfort and devotion? God or Satan? In choosing God there is freedom. Im choosing Satan there is bondage of every kind. Look into the eyes of those whose choice is not God. You will see a deep, dark, torture. Their life is never peaceful, their spirit is never at peace.

Prayer for Today: Help me Lord to know that there is no loss of freedom, yet a full measure of freedom, in submitting to you in my life. Be my Savior and let me live in the protected, provided for, reality that a life with you brings!

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